Monday, April 30, 2007

To GPRS or not to GPRS ?

Again, its been a long time.

This time I was surprising myself with some downloaded mobile applications. Iam using these applications for a while and they are really attractive and sometimes addictive. One of the application is a Voice over GPRS application. It connects to GTALK and its able to establish VOIP sessions. It also can connect to Skype,SIP and other VOIP applications. Interesting....

Then I was really out of any reasonable/useful work, So I decided to take up this job of analyzing and rating these free softwares. :) ( Actually the word "Free" made me download it). I downloaded two of them "Nimbuzz" and "Fring". I had no problems in installing them in my N70. I was very very eager to try it at once, but strangely there was no one online in my Gtalk list. I was really disappointed, but then the applications offered a free BOT service. I connected to it and tried text chatting. It was fine then, but i wanted to try the VOIP services. I remained online using Nimbuz.

That summer afternoon, my phone made a really strange sound. It was my Gtalk friend pinging me. I was really happy to hear that sound, the sound of free software! I chatted wit my friend for a while and I wanted to call him. So i did. I heard hardly anything but static. I was really disappointed, but the only thing which made me happy was that I can hear static for free then! But then, my phone was glowing again, to put it correct, it was actually laughing at me. Yes, I lost Rs.12 for that call. As you guessed, I removed Nimbuzz from my phone in the next few seconds.

Time to try Fring. I got the SMS from Fring carrying the download link. I downloaded, installed, and gave my Gmail password to it. The login was successfull. I saw my friend working in US online. So i started chatting with him. And after a while, I was bold enough to make the call. I made it, it was clear but the voice was a bit low. We talked for the next half an hour. Know wat , i didnt get any bills for it, it was completely free. Then onwards Iam online 24 hrs in Fring. Fring rocks!

Now the question is, VOIP using GPRS is completely free but it is not that clear. GSM calls are crystal clear , but they cost too much, and I really had bad experiences with ISD calls. Do you think that we should all change the way we communicate? Should we switch over to Internet technologies instead of local Phone and Cell phones? And since we are so addicted to our cell phones, should we GPRS or just GSM?

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Living in the flow

I was just enjoying “Tao of Physics” for the last two weeks. Let me share some of the interesting things in it.

Eastern Mysticism and Science has always been seen as rivals, but Fritjof Capra says a big No to it. This book was published in 70’s actually. To be exact the third edition (the one I read) was published in 1982. A book as old as me is surprising me and teaching me a lot of things. The things which are making me see everything differently.

I have always argued that there is nothing called right and wrong. The concept of opposites always made me feel uncomfortable. But logic made me accept the so called reality. Logic can be delusive at times, I suppose.

After reading the book, the world has not changed a bit, and I am not worried about that, it is supposed not to change. That’s how it was all the time. Only the way I see it is getting changed. I now know that if logic cannot be used to understand something, we can always use our heart to experience it.

I saw how science merged with religion. And I know that logic can merge with intuition. So here I am, ready to start a new journey and to accept the Tao.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Are we perfect?

What will we do if it rains while we are walking our way home? Sure thing is to run and hide from rain first. At least I did that a couple of times. But when someone asks me if I like to walk in rain, I would respond without any hesitation “Oh Yeah! I would love to do something like that!”- We recently had a trip to munnar, a beautiful place in kerala. And guess what, it rained all the way! I like rain but then I was continuously cursing it. Why?- Then we had all the fun we could. While returning we went to “Black Thunder” a water theme park. We paid Rs.300 and got wet by taking all the rides. There was an artificial Shower and we used it too! That was when I really started laughing at myself.

We hate a thing at one point and love it at another point of time. So we can never answer the question “Do you Like it?” simply with a yes or no. Instead I would ask him back “When?” Some times I take a long bike ride in the rain just to feel the rain drops hitting me with piercing force. When I choose to get wet in rain I love it and when fate makes the choice, I hate it. That’s exactly how any human would react. Isn’t it funny?

This timely change in emotions, this imperfection is what makes human life the most beautiful and enjoyable. This timely change in emotions is what makes our life unpredictable and interesting. I believe in choices in life. If there is no imperfection in our life, then there is no need for choices, coz we already know what choice will be taken, so life would be predictable stupid straight line. This imperfection is our identity. Enjoy what you are and with what you got! Life is Beautiful!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Can we define life

Can we define life?
Simply it’s the difference between a walking man and the one resting in his graves! But why should there be life on earth? Is there any purpose? We think that everyone of us has their own purpose on mother earth and we do our duties sincerely. But is that how the world works? Imagine if there is no life on earth! It will still be spherical in shape, having days and nights, ebbs and flows, Mountain and valleys! The continents would still move and earthquakes would still happen. Then why are we here?
What happens to a life after death? Will it wander around the loved ones as they say? Or is it just a form of energy which can convert itself to another form, say temperature or light? I always ask myself this one basic question and I never found an appropriate answer! “A piece of metal is made up of atoms. A human body is also made up of atoms. But the human body “Lives” whereas the metal piece just doesn’t”. What makes us to move or control our atoms to synchronize and do work. Is that energy which controls the atoms called life? Put it another way, life is a form of energy which controls a group of atoms to perform certain Physical/Chemical actions.
We still obey the rules of physics as the metal do! So we are not miracles on earth. According to the above definition of life, when appropriate form of energy is applied on anything it can give life to that thing! (Think about Magnetism). But even if someone could define what life is in some stupid way as I did, the question “Why Life?” would still remain unanswered.
When things are unanswered they become miracles. Would we gain knowledge about life and the beginning of life on earth?

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Why Rules?

Why Rules?

Have you ever wondered who made rules? Why we are following them? What happens if we don’t? What happens if at one point of time you come to know that what you have followed is wrong? Why are we marking things as right and wrong? What if right is wrong and wrong is right?

We have always built our future upon what we believe today. The whole future of human would crumble like a card castle if someone could prove that his rules are wrong. Are we blindly following what was given to us? Let it be science or let it be spirituality, we always follow rules. What if a new species, better than us evolve? Will they follow our rules? If they don’t, does that mean that rules are for the weak?

We should accept that, we have grown to this far by obeying the rules. But we should also doubt them. May be without them we could have grown wider and taller. Some things are forbidden to us. We never tried to taste them, we don’t really know what happens if we taste them. May be there is something else much more important than what we have achieved. We just don’t see it, because we are blinded by what we have achieved and believed.

What if one day you wake up and find all the rules broken? Will that lead us to a new life which was never tasted before? Or will that be the worst day of our lives? Who is ruling our life? We or the Rules?

- Ganesh Prasath

Sunday, June 12, 2005

My First BLOG

I have always wondered why to BLOG? But i realized to BLOG is a way to express the real you. May be this is a way to shout our inner most hidden thoughts. May it be spiritual or something stupid, It is always fun to express it out to the world.

Iam really surprised to feel that i broke some invisible barrier before me. Its like iam shouting from the tip of everest! I think this is good enough for my first blog.